About Business centre

presentation of the building
  • Total building area: 24700 m2
  • Gross leasable area: 18341,7 m²
  • Floors: 13
  • Layout type: open
  • Business Center Class: A
  • Underground parking: 60m / m + 40moto
  • Ground indoor parking: 46m / m
  • Windows: aluminum stained-glass
    and window systems
    Reynaers with 2-chamber double-glazed windows,
    and UV protection
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning: multi-zone
    VRF system of the 7th based on Panasonic


360-degree glazing offers an incredible view of Kharkiv

Technological equipment

7 silent elevators
intelligent elevator control system (short time to wait for elevator and increase passenger traffic)
round the clock security and video surveillance
video surveillance with data archive for more than 14 days. Modern access control system
floor-level multi-zone VRF system (7th generation)
supply and exhaust ventilation, heating and air conditioning with air recovery based on Panasonic
stained glass and window systems Reynaers
with 2-chamber double-glazed windows, with energy saving and protection from ultraviolet rays
economical power supply systems
carried out by two inputs with a total electrical power of 2 MW
fire alarm systems
warning and fire extinguishing
modern access control system
with 6 turnstiles on the ground floor (including for disabled people), floor-by-floor door locks when exiting stairs, as well as along the perimeter of the building
building management system
displaying the operation of ventilation, heating, air conditioning systems (with the output of alarms), building temperature trends, accounting for electricity and water supply of all building metering devices in on-line mode

BC Diamond City – the epicenter of business life in Kharkov

Would you like to find a room for an office? Are you looking for comfortable conditions for your employees in the modern business center? Are you dreaming of being in the middle of the economic activity of the city around successful businessmen?

So, BC Diamond City is the place you have been looking for. The new business center is situated in the heart of business life of Kharkov. The main idea of the project is to create a functional space for work and cooperation with customers. Here,  it’s possible to work productively, conduct negotiations, cut deals, arrange meetings, having a nice meal at the same time and do sport.

A food court, a wine market, a fitness center, it’s everything you need to have a rest and slow down the pace in the active working rhythm. Good location, convenient traffic interchange, subway proximity – all this will allow your employees and customers to get quickly to business center from anywhere in  the city.

There is the concept of “open space”, which has been elaborated and implemented in the Diamond City, it will allow an owner’s room to implement any  ideas and optimize a space, according to his requirements. The highlight of the center became a 360-degree glass cover, which provides an amazing view of Kharkov.

The office in the Diamond City business center will be home for those, who appreciate individuality and freedom, who need an atmosphere and choose to expand the horizons for the business.

BC Diamond City is the best place to build business in!